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Looking to learn more about outsourcing medical manufacturing? You’ve reached the right place. Watch our blog for white papers, tips, article links and other information focused on helping medical device manufacturers save time and money without cutting quality. If you’d like to learn more about Forefront Medical’s capabilities, visit our About page or our website:

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Q4 2108 Newsletter

Q4 2018 Forefront newsletter

Forefront Medical Technology’s Q4 2018 newsletter describes some of the building blocks of world class quality that drive our Quest for Excellence. It also discusses the ways our global approach to quality management helps customers wishing to enter new markets. Read the full issue here.

Extrapolating Extrusion

FFPS-193Forefront Medical Technology’s VP of Business Development, Americas Ron Lilly, recently contributed to a roundtable discussion in Medical Product Outsourcing on extrusion trends and challenges. Read the full article here.

Q3 2018 Newsletter

Q3 2018 Forefront newsletter

Forefront’s Q3 2018 newsletter looks at the process of ensuring the voice of the customer is a strong part of the product development and commercialization process. This issue also discusses five ways to reduce tooling cost and trends in extrusion. Read the full issue here.

Is Your Contract Manufacturer’s Design Team Constrained by Production Capability Limits?

One of the key benefits of using a contract manufacturer for both design and WP26_Is Your Contract Manufacturer's Product Design Team Constrained by Production Capability Limits5_16_18_Page_1manufacturing is the ability to work with a product design team that is experienced with manufacturing. This can eliminate design errors that could otherwise increase tooling costs and secondary processing costs. However, this option can also result in a design team that limits design choices to in-house production processes. The optimum solution is choosing a contract manufacturer with a broad enough range of capabilities that all design options that would make sense for the product are considered. Forefront Medical Technology’s new whitepaper looks at two examples where Forefront’s team has focused on solutions that incorporated multiple types of manufacturing processes or overcame production-related constraints that have traditionally limited design options. Read the full paper here.

Outsourcing and the Voice of the Customer

The benefits of outsourcing can vary widely. The determining factor is often the quality of the relationship. Medical device manufacturers know their market, but may not knWP28_Outsourcing and the Voice of the Customer-080318_Page_1ow the best manufacturing strategy to address the challenges they face in commercialization. The best partnerships create a collaborative relationship that blends device manufacturer and contract manufacturer expertise. In identifying potential contract manufacturers, strong focus should be placed on the contract manufacturer’s processes for assuring the voice of the customer is active throughout the commercialization process. Our latest whitepaper discusses our processes in integrating the voice of the customer into each project. Read the full paper here.

Do Your Contract Manufacturer’s Capabilities Support Your Manufacturing Regionalization Strategy?

WP27_Do Your Contract Manufacturer_s Capabilities Support Your Manufacturing Regionalization Strategy 061518_Page_1Regionalized outsourcing strategies continue to grow in popularity. Gone are the days of shifting outsourcing to the lowest cost emerging market location. Today, most companies base sourcing strategies on a complex equation of factors driving total cost. When all these factors are considered, locating manufacturing within regions close to each end market often results in the greatest degree of responsiveness to market demand and lowest total cost. The underlying logic behind any regionalization strategy is that proximity to the end market reduces logistics costs and complexity; reduces raw material and finished goods shipping time; decreases finished goods safety stock requirements; and contributes to superior quality by minimizing unnecessary handling, transport and inspections. The question becomes: can the contract manufacturer your company selects enable your company to leverage the benefits of a regionalization strategy in your chosen end markets?

In this whitepaper, Forefront Medical Technology, a specialty contract manufacturer with a focus in disposable diagnostic, drug delivery systems and medical device systems highlights several areas to evaluate in determining whether or not a supplier’s capabilities are likely to deliver lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Read the full paper here.