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Replacing Metal Components with Single Use Precision Molded Plastics

Metal parts are typically used in invasive medical equipment because a machined metal part ensures a tight seal at joints. However, use of metal components can increase cost over the life of the product when sterilization costs are considered. Additionally, even with sterilization, reuse of components exposed to bodily fluids and tissue can increase risk of patient contamination. Single-use precision molded plastic components offer a potential option for mitigating the contamination risks and eliminating the need for a washing/autoclave process, but molding these parts with enough precision to achieve the same performance properties as their metal counterparts has been challenging.

Forefront Medical Technology’s solution to this challenge is featured in Medical Design Technology. Read more.

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Outsourced Program Transfers

Transferring the manufacturing of medical disposables from one part of the world to another poses unique challenges given the combination of a robust regulatory environment, and custom tooling and automation. That said, when done properly, a ‘lift and shift’ strategy can seamlessly achieve its goals.

Forefront Medical Technology, a specialty contract manufacturer with a focus in disposable diagnostic, drug delivery and medical device systems, frequently helps its customers transfer production to its facilities in China in a cost-effective manner. This paper looks at mistakes made in poorly-planned program transfers.

Download our white paper, “Five Mistakes to Avoid in Outsourced Program Transfers,” here.

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