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Five Ways Your Supplier Should be Cutting Time in Product Development

Medical device manufacturers are under continuing pressure to cut cost while delivering superior quality. The amount of identifiable cost that can be taken out of a product through alternative materials and lower cost labor markets is finite, particularly given materials specifications, quality considerations and the fact that disposable medical device assembly typically involves highly automated processes.

A key cost benefit of outsourcing can be the ability to minimize the fixed cost associated with product development and production, since the contract manufacturer shares some of those resources over multiple customers. However, an even larger benefit is the ability to garner the expertise of product development teams who support a broad range of product applications and geographies. In the medical disposables market, contract manufacturers define themselves by their ability to add value and efficiency over the full product lifecycle. The focus on cutting time and cost begins in product development.

For example, the product development team at Forefront Medical Technology, a specialty contract manufacturer with a focus in disposable diagnostic, drug delivery and medical device systems, has average product development cycles of 8-9 months. The team attributes its success in regularly shortening product development cycles to its ability to provide superior solutions in five key areas:

  •  Materials selection
  •  Design process
  •  Tooling design and fabrication
  •  Prototyping
  •  Validation infrastructure.

Read our latest white paper, “Five Ways Your Supplier Should be Cutting Time in Product Development,” to learn more about Forefront’s process for reducing cycle time in these areas.

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