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Keys to Achieving Lowest Total Cost When Outsourcing

Medical device manufacturers are facing continuing cost pressure. At the same time, regulatory complexity continues to increase. Reducing cost in that environment requires strong focus on working smarter in all phases of the product’s lifecycle. When product development and production is outsourced, this translates to more heavily leveraging your supplier’s ability to add value to every step of the process. In short, the supplier’s processes and expertise should take both measurable and hidden cost out of the overall product commercialization process.

The team at Forefront Medical Technology believe there are five key areas to focus on to achieve lowest total cost:

  • Eliminate inefficiency in product development time
  • Closely link product development and manufacturing teams
  • Cut lead-time and achieve lower cost resource availability through strategic use of vertical integration
  • Proactively manage quality and validation
  • Apply continuous improvement disciplines to create a roadmap for cost reduction and/or product improvement opportunities long-term.

For more detail on Forefront’s processes in this area, read our white paper, “Keys to Achieving Lowest Total Cost When Outsourcing.”

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Outsourcing, Offshoring and the Partnership Equation

Outsourcing production of medical disposable devices and systems can be a complex process. Sourcing teams are faced with challenging questions. How can the dual requirements of superior quality and continuing cost reduction over time best be satisfied? Is the chosen contract manufacturer as concerned about regulatory requirements as my company? If I source offshore will our company’s intellectual property (IP) be adequately protected? If tooling costs drive single-sourcing, how can I ensure the supplier will work on the cost reduction we need over time? Will our product development team be able to communicate with an offshore supplier’s team? How much time will my team need to spend at an offshore contract manufacturer to get a project started?

The answer to those questions can vary widely by supplier. Forefront Medical Technology, a specialty contract manufacturer with a focus in disposable diagnostic, drug infusion and medical device systems, sees its mission as serving as an extension of its customers’ product development teams. The Company focuses on driving cost out of products through a combination of efficient design and manufacturing processes plus robust project management processes. Additionally, vertically integrated prototyping and tooling fabrication capabilities, strategic use of lower cost labor markets and optimized logistics further eliminate non-value added cost.

What does an optimum outsourced partnership include? Download our white paper.